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dj jnett-wildlife 12 (running back)

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dj jnett: wildlife

Janette "Jnett" Pitruzzello is considered something of a legend in her home city of Melbourne, where she's been DJing since the early '90s. Here, she delivers her debut solo EP, featuring a quartet of tracks co-produced by Maurice Fulton. The latter also delivers a solo mix of opener "Reflection," which adds a little leftfield disco sparkle and percussive sweatiness to an otherwise organ-heavy deep house groove. There's a similarly cheery, funky, and disco-tinged feel to the rolling, cut-up house goodness of "Swangzipani." "Bubbles Away" is deliciously dark, wonky, and intergalactic, while "Judge Not" wanders off into head-nodding, instrumental hip-hop territory.

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