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dj kaos-swoop 12 (jolly jams)

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dj kaos: swoop

DJ Kaos is back with another installment of beautiful disco music for 2013 in the form of Swoop. "Swoop" is comprised of sublime echo-drenched drums 'n' percussion, with shredding electric guitar and a twisted piano melody. "Swoop" builds and builds with some ZZ Top sunrise-rock guitar solos and rising synth melodies. From then on in, DJ Kaos just extends your ecstasy with the blissed-out keys and trippy bass line. On the flip, LEXX switches on the flux capacitor and punches 1984 into the dial with his Larry Heard-inspired "Swoop Dub Fix," a sprawling remix that begins in ambient form before entering the realms of hypno house.

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