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dj nori-we don't know 12 (running back)

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dj nori: we don't know

Teamed up with Running Back for a vinyl release, Bubbletease Communications' releases are defiantly infrequent, reflecting boss-man Maurice Fulton's desire to only release personal projects and those he's somehow had a hand in. This four-tracker from Tokyo-based DJ Nori, co-produced by Fulton, is predictably impressive. There's a touch of melancholic, acid-flecked stargazing in the shape of "Spaceg" (all heady synth melodies, fuzzy bass, and 808 cowbells), some out-there, beatless space calypso (the unwieldy "We Don't Know"), and a mighty chunk of Syclops-ish wonk-jack ("80's Drugs"). Oh, and a moody, Detroit-influenced Fulton remix of "Happy Sunday" that breaks into a space disco jam near the end.

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