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dj ojo-coiled up ep (blank mind)

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dj ojo: coiled up

The next EP on Blank Mind comes from DJ ojo. His first fully- fledged EP is the result of a mission to find balance between warmth and weirdness, structure and disorder; resulting in dripping, humid tracks with presence and a subtlety that holds sway well beyond the edge of the dancefloor. From the crisp percussion, and elastikated synths that form ‘Coiled up’ to the furtive corridors of dubby drums and space of ‘Precise device’, there’s a staggering level of detail at work in ojo’s microcosms. Funkiness abounds in the accents on the grooves and the garnishes which quiver in and out, and quite often you’ll hear motifs which call to mind something classic, but rendered wholly new. Take the steppas impressions drizzled into dislocated soundsystem flambé ‘Skip top’ on the B2 - a prime example of how to trigger a dopamine response without repeating someone else’s trick.

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