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dj pierre-what is house muzik (ricardo villalobos what is dub remix) 12 (get physical)

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dj pierre: what is house muzik (ricardo villalobos what is dub remix)

This release pays homage to DJ Pierre's contribution to the worldwide dance community with Ricardo Villalobos' remix of that most iconic of tracks, 1994's "What Is House Muzik." His 32-minute remix is split over two sides, with 16 minutes on each side, enough time to ruminate on that now almost metaphysical question: what, indeed, is house music? Here's Villalobos' answer, complete with bubbling rhythms and bone-dry kicks. DJ Pierre describes the importance of this release: "...people are trying to re-discover house music and people in positions like myself have the responsibility of teaching... the true essence of house music."

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