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dj slip-highlander 12 (thema)

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dj slip: highlander

Planting the listener on some foreign stratospheres has always been DJ Slip’s expertise, and “Highlander” comes as no exception. Echoed synth stabs detune into the dark while a barrage of claps and clangs provide an onslaught of percussive cleverness that is a signature of the Slip sound. “Aerial” comes at you like a plane colliding with the earth, a kamikaze of dissonance spiraling downwards and then in reverse. It’s driving tempo, surreal drones, and thudding toms cascade into an intense peak time experience. Answer Code Request provides the perfect counter as a remix, smoothing out the edges into a refined, psychedelic expedition that breathes and shifts as it tunnels deeper. All three tracks together create a diverse and gripping package with something suitable for all times of the night.

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