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d'marc cantu-a new world 2lp (m>o>s)

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d'marc cantu: a new world

Not long after his debut full-length, Michigan resident D'Marc Cantu serves up his next album on M>O>S Recordings. Though essentially a house and techno producer, Cantu often goes further than most, calling on a world of influences to ensure his jacking productions are as far away from standard as possible, yet still do damage on the right dancefloors as have previous EPs on this label, Nation and Crème Organization. A New World aims to capture, detail and relay many different stories from within the re-born city of Detroit. Across the course of eight tracks, many different moods and styles are explored -- from dark and abstract to more synth-led and serene. There are plenty of squelchy acid lines and frantic percussive workouts, but there are also pockets of slower, deeper, dubbier introspection that speak of mystery and intrigue as does the city of Detroit itself. Says D'Marc of the album, "Detroit, MI has a rich history and is filled with amazing people and I wanted to capture what I feel every time I go there. With every song there's an evolution that leads you to a new yet familiar place. These songs all have a story and each revolves around the concept of growth, community and rebuilding. 'Spirit Form,' 'The First Planet' and 'Genetic Script' all drive the idea of rebirth, utilizing dreamy pads and primal rhythms as they dig at the soul, while 'Good''s levity reaches at the heart of what I love about living in Ann Arbor, Michigan." Despite all these conceptual ideals, the album will not disappoint existing fans, as so, too, does the album deal in the sort of thing that people have come to expect of this considered producer. Tracks like "Green Bike Seat" and "Mobile Communication" aim to encapsulate the honesty and decaying beauty of urban life. A true journey of investigation, realization and re-discovery, A New World is far more than just another house album, but instead demands and rewards the close attention of anyone listening.

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