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dmx krew-strange directions 2lp (hypercolour)

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dmx krew: strange directions

Since releasing his last album on Hypercolour in February 2016, You Exist, DMX Krew has not for one moment rested on laurels, releasing two further LPs on the Ekster and Abstract Form labels, as well as EPs and singles for Central Processing Unit, Shipwrec, Revoke, and more. Continuing to remain faithful to the roots of electro, IDM, and the deeper shades of techno, and without compromise, DMX Krew cranks out emotive and brain scrambling electronica at a mighty rate, and never disappoints. Strange Directions is album number 21 from DMX Krew, and lands once more on Hypercolour, the British label that continues to make heady waves in the music scene with genre shifting releases from the likes of Matthew Herbert, Luke Vibert, Gary Gritness, The Cyclist, Outboxx, and A Sagittariun since the release of You Exist. You'll know what kind of ride you are in for from the first few bars of album opener "Snowy Blue"; hypnotizing bass and spatial keys float over dusty micro breaks, produced with an infectious aesthetic that continues over the long player's fifty-five minute tenure. Experimental and expansive joints such as "Odd Chill" and "Strange Directions" sit comfortably alongside funkier techno jams such as "Thin Hype" and "Zero Sum", whilst the melancholic synth sensibilities of tracks like "Hip Hopeless" and "Axial Mode Beat" catches DMX Krew in fine form. Another fine set of highly polished and visionary electronic goodies from one of the scene's most dedicated and consistent players. Comes in a full picture, reverse board jacket; Includes download code.

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