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dntel-anywhere anyone 12 (sub pop)

Price: $7.99


In tandem with Sub Pop’s deluxe CD and double-LP reissue of Dntel’s landmark Life Is Full of Possibilities album, we proudly present a pair of brand spanking new remixes of “Anywhere Anyone” pressed with utmost care on a DJ-friendly, limited-edition 12" single. Remix work on one side is by Silent Servant & Regis of the Berlin techno collective Sandwell District—both techno veterans who also collaborate under the name Sandra Electronics. The flipside contains a remix by MIA/Radiohead collaborator Pearson Sound, aka dubstep producer Ramadanman, who has been hailed by such modern tastemakers as Pitchfork, FactMag and Little White Earbuds; the latter even named Pearson Sound the defining artist of 2010, which frankly we find more than a little bit impressive.

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