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doka-exigent 12 (wolfskuil)

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doka: exigent

Doka's uncompromising, relentless techno productions have been extensively road-tested, leaving dancefloors in tatters. So it's due time for his first vinyl release. "Exigent" is subtle, but don't be fooled by its deceiving friendliness. This is peak-time techno at its best: big breakdowns and climaxes, timed perfectly for maximum effect. "Ximul" reminds of old '90s Speedy J releases on Nova Mute with its gruesome, acidic bass-line and industrial sound design. "Kahn" is made of the same cloth, but takes it more on the hypnotic tip.

Doka - Exigent EP - WOLF025 by Darko Esser

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