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dolphins into the future-canto arquilpelago lp (underwater peoples)

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dolphins into the future: canto arquipelago

There is something phenomenally enticing about a sequestered island chain, literally bounded by a vast and enveloping sea. Perhaps it's the romance of discovery – the knowledge that here lies the safety of land within the great seclusion of nature. Perhaps it's the raw beauty that is simply emerald speckled turquoise. Lieven Moana as Dolphins Into The Future dedicates his latest effort to the Azores, a remarkably beautiful volcanic archipelago that lacks very little by way of inspiration. The ambient conjurer weaves glorious tones and minimal percussion with brilliant and evocative field recording, having spent several weeks on the island cluster for this body of work. "Once an island gets born," Lieven articulates, "it's a continuous struggle, a continuous dialogue, a learning, a BATTLE and cooperation of influences. The sea starts bashing on it's shores. Erosion starts the complete demolition of the island. But at the same time, sun and sea give birth and food... Archipelagos have a heavy rhythm." Underwater Peoples happily invites you to discover the spiritual enchantment that is Dolphins Into The Future. Let it wash over and beneath you and may you find what you need most - whether it be solace, delight, or resolve - within Canto Arquipelago.

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