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dominik eulberg-falkenauge, katzengold & taubenblut 12 (traum)

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dominik eulberg: falkenauge, katzengold & taubenblut

Dominik Eulberg has chosen three jewels that carry animal names. "Taubenblut" starts off with an excursion into massive deep baseline spheres, all dubby and minimalistic by nature. A seductive melody shines like a turning crystal while delivering simultaneously fine and deep cuts to your skin. "Falkenauge" expresses an explicit feeling of wanderlust, advocacy and longing. It is a walk through nature all picturesque and colorful and if you listen closely, the sequences seem to "talk" to you. "Katzengold" describes an atmosphere of perfect harmony with nature, no hardship, no self-destruction. Artwork by Miri D'Oro.

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