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donato dozzy-terzo giorno ep (stroboscopic artefacts)

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donato dozzy: terzo giorno

Stroboscopic Artefacts presents Terzo Giorno -- or "Third Day" -- by Italian producer Donato Dozzy. "Il Canto Della Maga" features mordant wind chimes, tinkling outside a house of pain and disturbance. "Part II" is an immediate thrust into the deepest corners of techno. You can hear the sweat on the walls, the rumble in the speakers. The title-track has a reasonably friendly upper line but don't be fooled, however: a snarling squelch gives way to a scarily saccharine synth."Sotto Ma Sotto" comes in like a train with an alarm going off. Its machine-like run, jumpy in tone and beat, is as delicate as its kick is deep.

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