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dreamscape - la-di-da recordings lp (kranky)

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dreamscape: la-di-da recordings

Scant information exists in the historical record for early 1990?s Bristol, England trio Dreamscape. Internet searches reveal almost nothing, and their entire discography consists of one 7” single and a four song EP, with a second four song EP having been recorded but never released. The group?s members were Rebecca Rawlings, Scott Purnell and Jamie Gingell, the latter two also being the driving force behind the Sarah label stalwarts Secret Shine. The first four songs on this album comprise the unreleased EP that was to be named “Greater Than God”, a title that was used later by Secret Shine for a Sarah extended play. Tracks five through eight come from their only 12” release, the Cradle EP on the La-Di-Da label. As a bonus, the final track is the only remaining demo of what was to be a series of new recordings, which never came to fruition. There are a few small glitches from the original source tape on this last track, but it was decided to leave it as is when mastering instead of fudging corrections. The songs are perfectly constructed pop vignettes, soaring, atmospheric confections that are wholly in tune with the current wave of shoegaze revivalists. The group had no drummer, instead opting for an Alesis SR16 drum machine. But rather being a shortcoming, this was certainly a strength as the solid, unwavering repetition lets the guitars and vocals radiate in the stratosphere above. That aural pleasures such as these could not gain any wider attention in their own time is a shame. Hopefully this reissue will garner some of the praise the group should have received then.

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