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drumcell & material object-strumpet 12 (blank code)

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drumcell & material object: strumpet

back in. In their most furious release to date, Blank Code presents the Strumpet EP. Kicking off with the distorted dirty stomp of the Original Mix, Drumcell and Material Object let loose this dark gem that thunders forth the forgotten language of noise. Crowned with explosive hi hats, Strumpet seems to tear through any speaker it touches. The brooding Drumcell “Desolate remix” begins with a paranoid modular synth line looping over a crisp kick drum that hits on every other beat, slowly obscured by hovering atmospheres. As the track progresses, the grotesque snarl from the original mix growls along at a slow pace as the main synth loop perpetually modulates, occasionally usurped by distorted guitar-like wails. Material Object's "Remix" gradually constructs the static-smeared framework ex nihilo, building from a warm and empty beat into a screaming fist-fight banger. By contrast, Brendon Moeller’s "Echologist Trick" enters with a patiently subdued broken beat that struts a certain swagger with its crushing low bass. The track sulks along with a seductive deepness, occasionally flaring out with the artists' signature use of echoing delay and reverb. Material Object closes the release with the Digital exclusive "Beatless Tool" that rises out of an atmospheric void with the alarming screech used in his remix version, allowing the DJ to easily layer the panic-inducing feeling of Strumpet over any track.

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