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duke st workshop-cabin 28 cd (static caravan)

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duke st workshop: cabin 28

Following the instantly sold-out release of The Duke St Workshop's debut album, Lexicon of Paragon Pines, and the doozy of a 7" that even Clint Mansell liked, comes the first widely distributed work from the Dukes. Recorded at Polyester, the band's studio in Wigan, Greater Manchester, Cabin 28 is the soundtrack to a cold case from 1981, set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in northern California. From the dawning of the day to midnight and beyond, the album moves from austere sanctuaries to more threatening settings, in the tradition of somber, melancholic films like Coma and Rabid. Influences from the likes of Final Program, Conrad Schnitzler, Michael Small, and the Bruton Music Library are on display. You might also reference the Birmingham scene of such lost ensembles as Broadcast, Pram, and Plone.

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