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dustmite-7073 12 (supervoid)

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dustmite: 7073

The debut vinyl release from label Supervoid Records, out August 21st, 2017, has already made some waves, with two of its three tracks finding their way onto several prominent mixes, including Ben Sims’ “Run It Red” and Resident Advisor’s 513th podcast, performed by Markus Suckut. The release has also been given the nod by other heavy-hitters, including members of the Droid Behavior crew and a Berghain resident. Label owner and artist Dustmite has been remixed by Audio Injection and long ago, Distance. His track Bare appeared on Photek’s DJ Kicks. The music of 7073 was largely inspired by the experience of an intimate, 6+ hour set by Jeff Mills in a US warehouse some years back. There is a feeling one can get in such a setting, with the right sound, the right DJ and the right people – a feeling that anyone who is reading this is probably familiar with – where at some point in the night, when people are in their own worlds, it feels as though at any moment the building could just lift into the sky. Simply put, the track entitled ‘7073’ is Dustmite’s attempt to capture some of that magic. Tracks ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’ and ‘Lightwall’ stand out as fast, sci-fi-inspired techno drivers, a modern take on early 2000’s fast-paced, irreverent but melodic bangers. Having worked in the video game industry for over a decade, Dustmite has taken a unique approach to pushing his vinyl-based label apart from the rest: each record has its own unique QR code, which, when scanned, will contribute to the unlocking of bonus content via a modern, interactive visual experience on the Supervoid website. Not only does this mean each record has its own distinct identity, which can be used in interesting ways, but those who purchase a future Supervoid release will have a singular narrative across their collection, which the label can use as a seed for generating content, experiences and rewards, unique to each individual.

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