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easy-a heartbeat from eternity lp (a turntable friend)

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easy: a heartbeat from eternity

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their classic debut album from 1990 Magic Seed, Easy present a new album, A Heartbeat From Eternity. The top Swedish exports enjoyed writing songs again, and with producer Charlie Storm, they began recording once more. Two of the songs are throwbacks to the early nineties from when they began: the Manchester groove of "The Reincarnated" and the thundering "Song To Remember". Satisfied with what they had created they pressed some CDs to give away to friends. On a creative roll they decided to write some music to accompany the poems in Johan Holmlund's poetry collection: Swimming With The Beast. Pop songs -- The catchy joy of "I Can Tell You Why", the shimmering Velvets of "Little Boy", and the Chills-esque "A Picture".

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