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eat lights become lights-into forever cd (rocket girl)

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eat lights become lights: into forever

Taking the trade mark ELBL sound Neil has ventured further into the sonic stratosphere. Soaring melodies and a more organic feel are the order of the day. Neil approached the recording of 'Into Forever' from a different direction to previous works. Spending many weeks sampling percussive elements, thumb pianos, ethnic instruments etc in order to create a more grounded musical framework to hang his melodic synthesizer parts on. Exploring a more diverse set of influences has created a more adventurous sound allowing for space to breath and adapt the music to a new found love of differing time signatures and tunings. Citing minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and Moondog as big influences on the new long player Neil has produced a set of tunes that will have you accelerating to attack speed before easing back into Moog led melodic passages that are sure to please any sonic adventurer.

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