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eddie c-green space 2lp+7 (endless flight)

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eddie c: green space

Includes 7". Canadian beatdown master Eddie C is back with his fourth full-length on endless flight, Green Space. This new album is his unique mixture of laidback hip-hop and lo-fi house sound which is inspired by late '80s to early '90s music, and much darker than usual. Green Space kicks off with old school hip-hop tracks of "Carbondate", "In The Park" then the new wave disco sound of "Way Uptown" -- its reminiscent of NYC post punk/new wave artist konk. There's the dubby Brazilian percussive disco track "Batucada", and "Berlina" is early '90s NYC house, like Pal Joy. The most club-friendly track "Bad Words" is wired, new wave-y vocal house madness and the album closes with the dreamy downtempo track "An Der Wedding" -- heavy krautrock influenced stuff. Features Mister Joshooa.

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