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edit select-phlox 2lp (prologue)

Price: $27.99


edit select: phlox

Edit Select is the project of Scottish DJ Tony Scott -- one of the pioneers of deep-driven, hypnotic techno. Already confirmed with tracks like "Bauer" on Ostgut Ton or tracks on his own label Edit Select Records, Tony belongs to the best and most respected techno producers in the world. Nearly all of his techno tracks have been played and charted by all of the most prominent techno DJs. But that wasn't the reason Prologue signed the album Phlox -- in fact, Edit Select, with all his passion for deep techno, is more than a perfect fit into Prologue's label philosophy. Tony's ability to design hypnotic tracks has long been recognized, and Phlox is an extremely dope mixture of emotional ambient tracks and very effective sci-fi tracks moving to hypnotic monsters for the dancefloor. Also included is a new version of "Bauer," one of the best techno tracks, ever, as well as a collaborative track with label-mate Dino Sabatini.

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