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edvard graham lewis-all under cd (editions mego)

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edvard graham lewis: all under

All Under, the companion release to All Over compiles soundtracks to films, installations and a self-penned short story. This is familiar terrain for Edvard Graham Lewis, who, along with Bruce Gilbert, produced the early interactive audio-visual installation "MZUI" at London's Waterloo Gallery in 1981. Since this period, Lewis has been involved in countless soundtracks to all manner of cultural artefacts. The haunting score to Gunilla Leander's 2003 short film All Under was improvised in real time with a sampler and FX processing and recorded onto mini disc. The results are a viscous ambience of swirls, feedback and distortion. This material was then adapted for an immersive three-screen installation of the same visual material which features combinations of six nude bodies (four men, two women) fighting and wrestling, filmed underwater. The soundtrack here crawls further in the depths as electronic phrases swim amongst a foreboding ambience. Both of these works encapsulate the same disembodied effect of the visual material as hovering, uncanny sound worlds seep into the listener's subconscious. "The Eel Wheeled" features Lewis reading one of his own bizarre stories underscored with a suitably disorienting soundtrack sourced from sound effects of the Prime Sounds SFX Library. This version was remixed by Thomas Öberg (member of Bob Hund and 27#11). "No Show Godot" concludes the set. A soundtrack to a "sky movie" (road movies be warned) completed in 2013. Coming out of the initial sub-aquatic environments of the opening works, "No Show Godot" takes us on a spiraling high before folding into a gritty, godly industrial mantra which comes along as a perfect means of tying up these two concurrent releases as a symmetrical whole. Track #3 is a remixed version by Thomas Öberg. Track 4: Pauline Svanerö (vocals), P.T. Kirk (additional drones). Mastered by Russell Haswell. Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin.

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