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efde-my bleep 12 (voyage direct)

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efde: my bleep

Efde's showcases his trademark sound on his first release on Amsterdam-based label, Voyage Direct. "My Bleep" is a spine-tingling re-imagining of Detroit futurism built around sparkling, intertwined melody lines, dusty drum machine rhythms, hissing hi-hats and throbbing, analog bass. The original's beauty is emphasized further on the "Ambient Mix" which recalls the glory days of Pete Namlook's FAX Records. The spacey chord progressions, sprightly synth-bass and restless rhythms of "Just Did It" captures the spirit of both the motor city, and the classic UK techno-funk. "CMP135" draws on Efde's love of bumpin' US deep house whilst retaining the intergalactic sounds.

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