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effetto joule-robespierre 12 (mannequin)

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effetto joule: robespierre

The rare dark Italo 12'' Robespierre by Italo wave trio Effetto Joule was originally released in 1989 on Top Sound Record; this reissue comes with extra demo tape material from their Ultraviolet tapes and a killer Flemming Dalum remix of the title-track. Effetto Joule formed in Modena during the second part of the '80s. Deeply influenced by British synthpop heroes like Tubeway Army and Depeche Mode, brothers Flavio and Valerio Biagi, along with Valerio Tassinari, were able to merge those kind of epic sounds with the more romantic Italian vision of the electronic dark wave. White vinyl; edition of 300.

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