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emptyset-demiurge cd (subtext)

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Emptyset, the pioneering project from Multiverse boss James Ginzburg aka Ginz and the DJ and curator Paul Purgas, return with their second album Demiurge. Following their recent collaborative release with Underground Resistance vocalist Cornelius Harris, the album continues directly on from where their 2009 Caravan Recordings eponymous debut long player left off, pursuing the duo's exploration of the legacy of sound system culture and the possibilities for experimental bass-driven music. Heavily inspired by Bristol's lineage of dub and system-shaking sonics, Demiurge continues the project's deconstruction of the club experience and the magnification of the unplanned and unexpected textures that emerge from amplified sound. The resulting album is born from this investigative metamorphic process, the spine of rhythm scraped and exposed to extreme sonic pressure, bass music squeezed to its limits. Demiurge takes the form of a tyrannical force, an uncontainable creature of extremes, scouring the earth with shuddering footsteps.

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