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enzyme-howling mind lp (la vida es un mus)

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enzyme: howling mind

After two 7"s on Crust War and Hardcore Victim and a tour flexi in Japan on Vox Populi Records, Australian noise-punks Enzyme release their debut ten-track album. The band made up of ex members of Pisschrist, Kromosom, and Unknown To God worship at the altar of Perdition era Disorder, Chaos UK and Confuse. The bass drives the sound, the drums hectic with a lot of rolling tom tom work whilst the guitar has an immense tone of buzzing distortion and flanged psychedelics which sits somewhere between Gloom and Les Rallizes Denudes. Pummeling, assertive one-two hardcore with a visceral-physical without stupidity, clever but unpretentious venomous vocals. Recorded by Jason Fuller at Goatsound and mastered by Shige at Noise Room Howling Mind. Includes 16-page book designed by Zach Malakonas.

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