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eod-volume 1 cd (eod)

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eod: volume 1

EOD astonished UK crowds at 2012's Bangface weekender, guesting for Rephlex Records. Now he presents the first volume on a new imprint; the first of three for 2013. Lovers of Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Drexciya, Legowelt, and Ceephax will find it easy to relate to this wonderful melodic acid bath. With its foundations in synth-pop, Chicago house, Detroit techno, and electric dance, this album brings us a real taste of Scandinavia, rather than the all-too common Swedish house mafia. "My name is Stian, and I've been interested in music since I was born. I've been doing electronic music for about 10 years, and these days I'm more compelled than ever to create new tracks and sounds to listen to. Music excites and drives me like nothing else, the feeling of creating something new that I can explore and enjoy is the best there is. This, my first-ever album, was a pretty long (and sometimes psychedelic) journey, but this release sums up what I've been living for the last few years." Stian Gjevik is from Norway. He also releases music as CN, on 030303, WeMe, etc. This album's duration is 56 minutes, speed 117-133 bpm.

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