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eomac-bedouin tracks 2lp (bedouin)

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eomac: bedouin trax

Bedouin sent me samples of music from the Arab and Islamic worlds to use as source material for an EP. I was so inspired by the material I wrote over thirty tracks. My intention was to be true to its sonic qualities and resonances, but bring it stylistically into my own world of contemporary electronic music. I approached this in the spirit of cultural exchange, conscious of my privileges as a white western male able to work in this way -- only scratching the surface of another culture -- and wary of the implications of this kind of appropriation. But this was a project born of love and deep respect for the source material, the traditions, the religions, the art and the music of this part of the world. Bedouin Trax reflects all this. Unity. Togetherness. Exploring the darkness and light in humanity to find our similarities, to find a way to connect with all people, from all different cultures and backgrounds. Salem from Bedouin said that some of the Sufi songs he had sent were songs about love -- 'towards an entity of oneness'. This phrase informed the entire project.

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