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epic45-weathered cd (wayside & woodland recordings)

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epic45: weathered

What if a song recorded today could be lost like a photograph, only to be rediscovered years later? Dusty and forgotten for years, warped, faded and torn. Like an old ‘78 discovered in an attic, its history as a physical object indelibly marked and inseparable from the original recording. Weathered, the companion volume to epic45’s Weathering album (Sunday Times Album of the Week, July 2011) sees the Staffordshire duo invite labelmates and contemporaries to literally weather the recordings they made for that record. Contributing artists include The Remote Viewer, The Gentleman Losers, Fieldhead, E.L. Heath, Jasper TX and Sarah Kemp of Lanterns on the Lake/ The Declining Winter.

1. Leaving Traces 2. The Village Is Asleep (remixed by The Remote Viewer)? 3. People Say This Place Is Slowly Dying (remixed by Charles Vaughan)? 4. Leaving Traces (remixed by Fieldhead)? 5. Ghosts I Have Known (remixed by The Toy Library)? 6. Washed Up (remixed by The Gentlemen Losers)? 7. Summer Message (remixed by E.L Heath) 8. Evening Silhouettes (remixed by Jasper TX)

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