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esplendor geometrico - 1980-1981 prehistoric sounds-necrosis en la poya & more cd/3x7" (geometrik)

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esplendor geometrico: 1980-1981 prehistoric sounds-necrosis en la poya & more

Special deluxe edition, limited to 1,000 numbered copies in a hard cardboard box set which includes three 7" singles (each with its own sleeve), a CD in a slim cardboard sleeve, an 8-page booklet and a numbered card. It contains the first material recorded by Spanish cult legends Esplendor Geométrico between 1980 and 1981. One of the singles includes their first demo, recorded after their formation, with three tracks of industrial-minimal-techno-pop, among which is the well-known "Moscú Está Helado." This demo was sent in 1980 to the German label Ata Tak, run by Der Plan, who chose "Moscú..." for their legendary compilation Fix Planet!. The second single is a facsimile reissue of Necrosis en la Poya, originally released in 1981 and which already shows EG's shift towards harsher industrial rhythms. Finally, the third single includes four tracks recorded in 1981 soon after Necrosis... Three of them are previously-unreleased and were found recently on an old, lost reel tape. The CD includes the 10 tracks from the singles plus another five extra tracks from the same period, originally released on the cassette Esplendor Geométrico 1980-1981. The 8-page booklet features texts, designs and period photos. All tracks have been remastered and the artwork is by Juan Carlos Sastre, professional designer and founding member of EG.

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