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evol-bus017a 12 (bus)

Price: $17.99


evol: bus017a

This offering of deconstructed, temporal psychedelia from EVOL is a rendition of the "time-value-less" piece "Opus 17a" by Hanne Darboven. Sequenced by Guy Birkin and executed through the singular "Rave Synthesis" of Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp, this recording is split into two epically time-disrupted pieces of extreme computer music that run off infinitely as locked grooves on each side. Noel Summerville's mastering has skillfully harnessed EVOL's solid "hoover" sound for optimal "as loud as possible" playback. Previous EVOL releases have been on Editions Mego, Diagonal, Presto!?, Alku, Entr'acte, iDEAL, and more.

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