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ex vivian-s/t lp (wt)

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ex vivian: s/t

Ex Vivian is the musical project of actress Krysten Ritter. Krysten enlisted the help of WT Records to record and release this group of honest songs. All songs were written by Krysten and came to fruition when William Burnett (CEO of WT) came to visit her in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Using a simple setup of just a few instruments and a trusty SM 58 microphone, the true spirit of Ex Vivian was captured. No flashy gimmicks or fancy studio tricks, just simple tales of heartbreak and life recorded in the living room or her treetop apartment. Somewhere between the atmosphere of Mazzy Starr and the American twang of Stevie Nicks, the album is a pleasant surprise showcasing Krysten's musical talent and a new direction for WT Records." Includes glossy photo/lyrics insert.

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