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exercise one-tales of ordinary madness 3 12 (exone)

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exercise one: tales of ordinary madness 3

EP 3 in Exercise One's Tales of Ordinary Madness series sees Peter Van Hoesen "Wandering" with a swaggering low-end and kitchen-sink percussion that gives Donato Dozzy the opportunity to pick up the pace and instills a hint of malicious intent with his dust-treated version of "Prowl." Finally, Jacopo Carreras pulls us out of the trip and places us firmly back on the dancefloor. "Outshine" masterfully reintroduces ethereal hints of melancholia over an undulating groove. Finally, "Look at the Harlequins" is a perfect distillation of a sound that unfolds like a dystopian nightmare; but one that's sure to play a part in the most hedonistic moments of dancefloor abandon.

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