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fantom auditory operations/michael esposito-child witch of pilot's knob cassette (tapeworm)

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EVPs captured at a cemetery in Pilot's Knob, Kentucky, PAW Case File PAW120. Situational Specific Frequency Tests and Results captured in 2009 at a cemetery location where in the late 1800s, reportedly accused of witchcraft, a woman and her daughter, Mary Evelyn Ford were burned alive in Marion County. The daughter was buried at Pilot's Knob cemetery and her mother at a separate location. At the cemetery, a dark, foreboding figure has also been seen. People have named this figure "The Watcher." It is said that this evil presence tries to get the little girl but cannot pass beyond the crucifix-decorated fence that surrounds her grave. Michael Esposito is an experimental artist and researcher in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). He is a descendant of Alfred Vail, who invented the Morse code with his partner Samuel Morse, and Jonathan Vail, office manager and assistant to Thomas Edison. Michael has participated in hundreds of paranormal investigations globally using his techniques and theories within the field of EVP. He and his partner Heidi Harman have collected tens of thousands of EVPs and video. He has appeared in a number of films, television shows and documentaries and has lectured to a variety of audiences. Fantom Auditory Operations' attempt is to take EVP research a step further, developing a body of work researchers and scientists may use in the future to unlock the mysteries of our own mortality.

Track Listing: A1. Witch Girl Of Pilot's Knob B1. Child Witch And The Watcher

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