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far-inevitable collapse 12 (electric deluxe)

Price: $13.99


far: inevitable collapse

With Inevitable Collapse, FAR rejects templates and dancefloor patterns, turning in four works of spontaneous techno contemplations. "Hypocrite" opens with billowy synths weaved into a desolate sci-fi landscape. "Ignite" then wields hand drums and sparse electronic meditations akin to early Shackleton-meets-Aphex Twin through a Polygon Window. "Carrier" is as chugging techno as it gets, albeit haunted by a deconstructive FAR presence. Finally, "Smash the Walls" concludes in rolling waves of unpredictable surf. Recorded in long single takes and produced with solicitous mix-downs, Inevitable Collapse is an intriguing debut for those more peripherally inclined.

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