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fate 258-heaven or hell: the path remixes 12 (path)

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fate 258: heaven or hell the path remixes

Following up the fantastic summer re-release of Upsetting Keys “Empathy” EP, Path Records follows with its first new catalogue number since 2006. Path 008 marks the return of artist Fate 258, whose 1999 “Why 2k” Path 001 EP has been a hotly sought after item on Discogs. The three-track EP contains two exciting new mixes of cult classic techno track “The Path”. The a-side version “Path to Hell” is the harder of the pair, a dark edgy journey into the unknown with shuffling 808 rhythms providing much of the melody. “Path to Heaven” slows the groove down and adds warm Juno pads throughout the mix for a very deep Detroit flavored techno style. On the final track “Heaven or Hell” sort of a broken beat downtempo piece, sparse vocals and Bladerunner samples mix to complete the dystopian concept. These mixes of “The Path” are considered pre-mixes, as they were completed in 1998 before the original release of Path 001. Fate 258 is a project from Brooklyn producer Reade Truth; known for his work over the last decades on labels such as Planet E, Sonic Groove, N-Syde, Wurst and Strictly Rhythm to name a few.

side a:

side b1:

side b2:

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