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feadz-instant alpha cd (ed banger)

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feadz: instant alpha

Feadz is releasing his debut album Instant Alpha 15 years into his career. His music is a careful balance of urban and electronic that finds its roots in rap, freestyle, electro, techno, and house, but also in more ghetto influences such as footwork, trap, baile, etc. In short, Feadz's music is a quintessential Edbangerian alloy. Feadz is a total music geek on a constant search for new things to play or to sample, and an erudite of vinyl production, illustrated by the namedropping of super-edgy labels delivered via Kito's voice on "Electric Empire." Instant Alpha is the result of a 15-year journey for Feadz. These 13 tracks are the expression of his hybrid and concise spirit; vivacious, electrocuted, colorful, cheeky dance music in three- or four-minute tracks. Joyful, unifying and open party music.

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