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felix kubin-zemsta plutona cd (omni recording co)

Price: $20.99


felix kubin: zemsta plutona

Fractured transmissions from a crypto-utopian future and pop missives from the neon-Freudian wastelands, the new Felix Kubin album is everything (and more) you could want from the Hamburg-based Kaiser-elect of electronic music. Franco-machine-funk monster 'Atomium Vertigo' slinks and slides, 'Flies without Memory' clicks and glides while 'Piscine Resonnez!' explodes with teenaged exuberance and aquatic wisdom. Kubin's retooled reanimation of 'Lightning Strikes' astounds, while 'Nachts Im Park' shuffles on a bed of analogue dreams. Pyro-electro-maniac Kubin returns with his test-tube beat. Strap in... destination particle accelerator pop.

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