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fennesz-seven stars 10" (touch)

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Fennesz's first solo release since Black Sea (TO 076CD/LP) is a 4-track 10" vinyl. Using acoustic and electric guitars, bass, synths and computers, Fennesz continues to engage and entrance us in equal measure. Fennesz writes: "Seven Stars was recorded in Vienna in January 2011. I recorded and mixed the album within 3 weeks. 'Liminal' and 'July' were existing pieces which I have reworked. (I wrote an early version of 'Liminal' in a hotel room in Bali in 2010). There is also a version of 'Liminal' that I have been playing live for some time. My friend Steven Hess, with whom I have worked before, happened to be in Vienna at the time of the sessions, so I invited him to join me in the studio. Christoph Amann recorded the drums using a selection of his great microphones, including his amazing new Josephson. I wanted to make a record that has a certain lightness about it and at the same time explore new territory using drums on one track. This might be something I will continue with in the future." Printed inner and outer color sleeve.

Track Listing: Disc 1 Side A 01. Liminal 02. July Side B 03. Shift 04. Seven Stars

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