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fft - in-side ep (super hexagon)

Price: $14.99


fft: in-side

FFT returns with his follow up EP to the impressive debut ‘fft1’ that was released on Uncertainty Principle. ‘in-side’ showcases FFT’s refined approach to producing electronic music which rewards the listener with precise and dynamic songs. Whether you hear it in headphones, at home or on a dance floor, in-side makes for a compelling listening experience. The low frequency tremors and formant wizardry of feil open up the record, giving way to the avalanche of sub-bass and fidgeting percussion of in-side 5(7) on side A. On the reverse, the glimmering, high-tech electronica of ohld shifts into a more emotive mode. The two parts of orr din recall the best and most atmospheric sci-fi soundtracks and complete an immaculately produced EP.

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