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fingers inc-another side 3lp (alleviated records)

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fingers inc: another side

There's maybe a handful of albums from the early Chicago house era that really deserve the term "classic." This is one... Another Side is the 1988 debut album by Fingers Inc., collecting early singles released on Alleviated, Trax, and D.J. International together with nine new tracks. Larry Heard teamed with singers Robert Owens and Ron Wilson to create an album that still sounds fresh and ahead of its time decades later. Going beyond the dancefloor, the trio lyrically touched on subject matter ranging through love, sex, war, and the music industry while creating the blueprint for deep house music for years to come. Heard's deep, melancholy, almost skeletal tracks not only influenced the early pioneers of Detroit techno, but a whole generation of producers. This masterpiece is now officially available again in remastered sound. DJ-friendly gatefold triple 12" version. Includes four vinyl-only tracks. First official vinyl edition since the original 1988 release.

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