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fire issue 1 magazine

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fire: issue 1

Fire Magazine present their no 1. Issue March/April 2016. In the last few years there has been a resurgence of classic rock and heavy psych. An increasing number of labels are dedicated to stoner rock, doom, heavy psych, sludge, occult, drone, ambient, space rock and other related subgenres. It seems that the past is the new future. People again dig the values of the '70s and that certain kind of attitude, they like people who can play their instruments, but they also love the spirit, the vibe, the analog recordings, the vintage gear, even the look and the outfits on stage because this is an honest and genuine way to make music. In many hard and heavy magazines, big bands are getting big features, great coverage and long articles. On the other hand there is less written about underground bands. In this magazine, there is less of the usual big names that occupy the spotlight in the glossy, more popular publications. Fire Magazine wants to put in the forefront those very good, valuable bands that don't have wider recognition. The aim of this bi-monthly magazine is to create a place where fans can find what they like the most. Crafting a well-packaged, well-presented, full-color magazine, with a lot of regular features and in depth surveys, not only interviews and reviews. Fire Magazine chose the name Fire due to its multiple meanings. Fire is energy, fire is purification, fire is the flame of psychedelia, fire is the fuel of rock'n'roll, fire is the spirit that Jimi Hendrix gave his guitar and last but not least Fire is the masterpiece by Arthur Brown, a real pioneer and a godfather of our musical genre. Issue No. 1, March/April 2006 features: Hawkwind (cover story); Fresh Blood (Mountain Tamer - Psychedelic Witchcraft, Zun, Hexvessel, Oranssi Pazuzu, Abysmal Grief, Graves At Sea, Black Rainbows, Blood Ceremony, Church Of Misery, Spiritual Beggars, Sourvein, Mars Red Sky, Holy Grove, Hypnos, Deadsmoke Hounds Of Hasselvander, Blizaro, Black Mountain, 20 Editions Of Roadburn; Arik Roper: The Magic World Of Mushrooms, Come To The Sabbat: Rituals Of Doom, From The Crypt: "Louder Than God": The story of Blue Cheer, Saint Vitus (commented discography), Perfumed Garden: Angel Witch reissue: (Monster Magnet - Paul Chain); News; Reviews. SIZE: 210mm X 297mm. FILE UNDER: heavy psych, stoner, doom, sludge, occult, dark, '70s hard rock.

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