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flower travellin band-make up 2lp (phoenix)

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flower travellin' band-make up 

When released in 1973, Make Up, with its incredible faux-leather imitation attaché case outer bag, looked every bit the last word in over-the-top packaging and now originals, complete and in good condition, fetch hundreds of dollars in the collectors' market. However, despite the lavish packaging, Make Up did little to enhance the group's already considerable reputation and the various band members went their separate ways immediately after the album's release. Although the album has been described as "inconsistent," there are some definite stand-out tracks, and generally Make Up reflects the varied influences that the band drew on throughout their sadly short career. This double album consists of both live and studio recordings and features keyboardist Nobuhiko Shinohara. 2LP housed in a replica outer slip-case and deluxe gatefold sleeve, including the original LP insert.

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