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flowers must die-sista valsen ep (rocket recordings)

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flowers must die: sista valsen

Swedish band Flowers Must Die follow three LPs and several EPs and cassettes with their Rocket Recordings debut, the Sista Valsen EP. The band grew to a six-piece when the highly talented vocalist and violinist Lisa Ekelund (formerly of the band Katla) joined the collective; this EP collects of four raw jams recorded during the early sessions with Ekelund, ranging from the fuzz-heavy grooves of "Sista Valsen" through the laid-back space jazz of "Taskig Stämning Annars" and the propulsive motorik of "Kruta" to the repetitive folk drone of "Varför." Flowers Must Die have shared stages with Om, White Hills, Konono N°1, Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Hills, et al.

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