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fm3 buddha machine iii chan fang: black

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fm3 buddha machine iii chan fang: clear black

The all-new, third-gen Buddha Machine from Beijing duo Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian. Pure, crystal-clear melody. Four extended-play loops. Advanced 12K audio quality and "deja-vu" translucent styling make Chan Fang the freshest Buddha ever! Chan Fang, which translates as "Zen Room," sees the duo swap drones and tones from their first two Buddha releases for unadulterated classical loops. All tracks were composed and performed on the Qin, a seven-string zither revered as the grand-daddy of Chinese instruments. Deep, sonorous tuning and complex harmonic overtones give the Qin a contemplative and soothing voice. Turn on Chan Fang and soundtrack your life. Tweak the pitch to match your mood. Pair it with another Buddha Machine for a pocket orchestra to enlighten your morning commute, long bath, thinking, reading, relaxing, romancing? Chan Fang comes in five plastic-fantastic colors to match even the most fashion-forward lifestyle -- retro Red, Blue, Black, Clear and Forest Green. Christiaan and Zhang were pioneers of electronic music in China even before releasing their first-generation Buddha Machine in 2005.

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