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forma-off/on cd (spectrum spools)

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forma: off/on

Off/On is an evolutionary act of fissure, the opening of a rift in Forma's sonic landscape. The second LP from the Brooklyn cosmic synth trio of Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, and George Bennett, Off/On's universe is darker, its terrain more enigmatic and aggressive than 2011's critically-acclaimed self-titled album. Recorded at the renowned Schoolhouse space in Bushwick, Off/On combines swirling arpeggios, gnarled sequences, and deconstructed motorik rhythms to conjure an atmosphere of entropic propulsion by unseen forces. Yet the emotional summits of Off/On are greater than those of its predecessor, its crystalline melodic peaks made more pronounced by the shadowed depths below. It is this synthesis that gives Off/On its singular vision; a sense of unity forged by its own inner tensions. Mark Dwinell and Sophie Lam: Moog LP, Moog Prodigy, Roland SH-1000, Roland RS-09, Oberheim SEM, Yamaha CS-15, Korg Lambda, Akai AX73, DSI Tetra, DSI Mopho, Crumar DS-2. George Bennett: Roland TR-707, Roland TR-606, Alesis HR-16B. Mastered by Andrew Veres. Cut at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin.


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