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francesco baudazzi-the black nobility of venice & genoa 12 (surface)

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francesco baudazzi: the black nobility of venice & genoa

Francesco Baudazzi, sometimes known as Obtane amongst other secretive pseudonyms, is an electro-acoustic sound artist hailing from the Tyrrhenian coast between La Spezia and Carrara on the West Coast of Italy and is renowned for producing truly dark atmospheric and droning conceptual music, enlivened with subtle, spacious field recordings and analogue synthesis. Running the highly regarded Zooloft recordings alongside Giorgio Gigli for the last five years; Francesco has managed to create a highly respected sound dipping heavily into drone and industrial techniques, whilst retaining the truly hypnotic sound of early Italian electronic music. Making guest appearances away from his Zooloft imprint label under his Obtane monicker on labels such as Synewave, Sonic Groove and Strobescopic Artefacts. Surface welcome Francesco's first release under his birth name, for part two of the Surface Limited series focusing on the diversity that artists have to offer away from the constraints of their expected roles amongst the scene. features a 65d mavericks mix

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