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francois j. bonnet-the music to come book (shelter press)

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francois j. bonnet: the music to come

This is not a study. It is a manifesto for a peculiar conviction: that music remains to be discovered, that it is still hidden. That, nonetheless, it does sometimes appear, but most often incompletely and unevenly. And that what we have hitherto referred to as "music" is in fact only a preliminary, a prodrome. That all musics produced up until now have been nothing but simulacra, rituals to call music forth. This may sound crazy, and indeed unwelcome. But the sole concern of the following text will be to make this statement legible, understandable, and perhaps even to some extent acceptable. Its hope is that, setting out from a few intuitions, the possibility of a music to come can be formulated. That this obscure becoming will emerge, one trait at a time; that the shape of this music to come will reveal itself, gradually, by way of a cluster of assumptions, the reading of a multiple history, and the examination of damaging paradigms that have taken music far from itself. That the subjectivity of a writing, with all of its beliefs, its errors, its biases, its injustices and its shaky certainties, may yet manage to cast a singular and inspiring light upon the idea of music -- this, ultimately, is the ambition of the lines to come. 56 pp; cover thread sewn silkscreened softcover; 11x16 cm. François J. Bonnet is a Franco-Swiss composer, writer and theorist based in Paris. He's the Director of INA GRM and also produces radio shows for national radio France Musique. His music, often released under the Kassel Jaeger project name, has been presented worldwide.

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