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francois tusques & don cherry-la maison fille du soleil 7 (cacophonic)

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francois tusques & don cherry: la maison fille du soleil

Cross-pollinating the want-lists of art/jazz/print and architecture enthusiasts, this seldom-sighted 45 single is regarded as the rarest "lost" recording by American jazz trumpeter Don Cherry collaborating with French piano improv genius François Tusques. A missing link in the pre-formative years of improvised jazz, this mythical private pressing unites two of the key exponents of both American and French free-jazz. This intimate recording was made to accompany a 1964 exhibition by pioneering Swiss/French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (aka Le Corbusier) held in Nantes. Housed in a two-fold wrap-around sleeve identical to the original article, this release also features a miscredited appearance by bass player Bernard "Beb" Guérin.

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