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frank & tony-dream vibration ep (scissor & thread)

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frank & tony: dream vibration

Frank & Tony drop their new Dream Vibration EP some 5 years after their last outing as a duo with the much-celebrated Odes EP. Having teased the full release with two upfront tracks - Time Out Of Mind and Timmy Regisford’s masterful instrumental rework of Stretch Out Like The World, we now get to enjoy the full package. Title track Dream Vibration kicks off with a lazy breakbeat, floating, barely-there chord washes and eventually and slowly reveals a thick, low kick and deep sub to drive things along. Frank & Tony’s original version of Stretch Out Like The World features Eliana Glass on vocals - a melancholic but tough track that exudes a classic in the making. Timmy Regisford’s vocal mix amps up the percussion to create a hypnotic club jam idea for an early morning Shelter dancefloor.

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